Trump’s bid for a piece of Microsoft-TikTok deal could spur legal action

The prospect of the President of the United States taking such a personal interest in the success (or failure) of a particular company should be deeply unsettling to anybody in the start-up community and those who value or understand the basic principle of economic liberties.

Trump’s entire approach to this deal has been that of a mob-boss demanding a kick-back in exchange for allowing businesses to operate under his “territory”.

Something to note: Microsoft and ByteDance had been in talks for at least a few weeks before Trump suggested the acquisition, contrary to his claims that he spear-headed the discussions.

Should Microsoft acquire TikTok? Should TikTok be allowed to operate in the United States, even if it is acquired by an American company? If it’s sold, should the Treasury receive a portion of the deal? Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Source: Reuters

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