About Us

Our Mission

Leverage the power of technology to create innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Our Vision

Become an incubator for the world’s most disruptive ideas, companies, and entrepreneurs.

Our Story

CAAZ Consulting is the culmination of amazing individuals with a wide breadth of experience, diverse range of expertise, and a shared passion for helping businesses grow and succeed. Each member of our team has launched and built their own ventures from the start-up phase, to sustainable long-term businesses.

Our company namesake fuses the abbreviations of the great states of California and Arizona, where each of our team members have established a presence and roots. We strive to embody the west coast lifestyle, culture, and values in all that we do.

In addition to our executive and core team members, we have an overseas team of high-skilled software developers in Bangladesh. By leveraging their technical abilities and our experience with start-up businesses, we are able to provide top-quality development at an economical cost. Our presence on both sides of the world also means we’re able to utilize the use of both the American and Asian business days, and minimize turnaround times on projects.

Be Transparent and Honest

We believe in full transparency and honest dialogue as key elements of any successful relationship, whether personal or business-related. That means we will always be upfront and forthright with you. Whether it’s about our abilities and what we can or can’t do, the feasibility and logistics of your ideas.

Build Strong Long-Term Relationships

Our priority and goal is to build long lasting relationships with our clients that result in mutual success, not in making a quick buck. For that reason, we take a long-term perspective towards all of our relationships and projects.

Be Adaptable and Dynamic

In an extremely fast-paced world, things change. Extremely quickly. That means businesses must be able to adapt and roll with the punches, and we are no exception to that. We understand that your needs can change from one week to another, and try to pivot and accommodate to the best of our abilities.

Meet the CAAZ Team

The CAAZ team brings together some amazing individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and professional experience. Meet some of our awesome team members below.

Executive Team

Shafqat Huq

Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Shafqat is a serial entrepreneur, adrenaline junkie, sports fanatic, and music festival lover, originally from the suburbs of Los Angeles. He graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with three degrees in Finance, Economics, and Accountancy. Prior to founding CAAZ, Shafqat managed his own practice at Merrill Lynch. Outside of Finance, Shafqat has launched several start-up ventures and provided consulting services in various capacities. With his technical knowledge and start-up experience, Shafqat oversees agency operations, while taking a very hands-on approach to all client projects and relationships to ensure seamless and efficient execution.
Masrur Huq

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Having lived in three different countries and worked in multiple industries, Masrur has developed skills for adaptability and practices that can be applied across different fields. While finishing his undergraduate education in Business Management, Masrur held key management positions with AT&T. Transitioning out of the corporate realm, he became a serial entrepreneur and embraced new challenges in several industries, including healthcare and real estate. Through this process, Masrur discovered his true calling in helping small businesses succeed. By leveraging his adaptability and his knack for creating replicable systems and processes, he has been able to provide value to countless clients.
Armaan Huq

Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Armaan is a product enthusiast with years of agile experience and technical knowledge, whose priority is to look for ways to make amazing end-to-end user experiences. Armaan works with clients from Day 1 to fully understand their needs. HIs technical knowledge and experience working with small to large companies in the entertainment, finance, and airline industries allow him to communicate business needs effectively to ensure timely delivery. An education in Finance at Arizona State University helps Armaan make sure that each decision is financially sound and beneficial. His passion for technology keeps him updated on product innovations and usability and he's always excited to share that passion with our clients.

Core Team

Navid Ansari

Project Coordinator

Navid is a branding and marketing strategist who works with businesses to develop cohesive and profitable marketing strategies. He holds a degree in Marketing and INternational Business from Monash University in Malaysia. As the world moves towards digital channels, Navid understands the importance of designing and developing digital marketing campaigns, and conducting market research to incorporate effective social media campaigns. In his capacity as Project Coordinator of CAAZ, Navid serves as our boots-on-the-ground in Bangladesh, to ensure all software development and digital marketing projects are executed on time and according to plan.
Ed Sharp

Salesforce Developer

Ed was born and raised in Pebble Beach, California and graduated from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey of Business with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Since graduation, Ed has experience as a software consultant with major firms like IBM and Accenture. He has worked with clients, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar financial institutions, on software implementation projects of all sizes.
Tom Sharp

Salesforce Developer

Originally from Pebble Beach, California, Tom graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Tom has worked as a Salesforce Developer and Administrator with software consulting firms, as well as with the marketing departments of several major IT and Service providers. In his role as CTO, Tom works to make sure CAAZ software solutions and solutions are constantly improving and adapting to the newest technology available, and in line with the wants and needs of our clients.
Taha Faruque

Social Media Coordinator

Taha is a digital marketing expert with a proven track record of helping brands build a strong presence across a number of social media platforms. Improving consumer experience and helping others is Taha's primary focus and source of fulfillment, professionally. Taha also speaks 7 languages fluently, which makes her a great relationship broker for clients in various different countries and markets. Taha spent the early part of her academic career in Biochemistry at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France before transitioning to and completing a degree in Human Resources. When she is not managing client social media pages to increase exposure and engagement, Taha also enjoys spending time with her family and visiting art and history museums.
Shaan Khan

Business Financial Analyst

Originally from greater Los Angeles, Shaan is an avid content aficionado and enjoys consuming all forms of culture. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. After graduation, he has worked in investment banking as an Associate with Deutsche Bank, as a part of their Technology Group in San Francisco. Shaan uses his work experience in the finance sector to conduct forecasts, P&L statements, and other models to gauge the financial viability of a company or start-up concept.
Brynn Jones

Brynn is a California-born, Arizona-raised videographer, photographer, adventurer, nature lover, storyteller, adrenaline junkie. While she graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Special Event Management, Brynn did not pursue a career in the field. It was during her senior year that she discovered her true passion for capturing and documenting moments through videography and photography. After graduating, she made the decision to take this passion to the next level and pursue it as a full-time career. As the Head of Creative Visual Media of CAAZ, Brynn works with brands from all around the world to help tell their story through visual imagery in the most captivating ways possible.

Matt Clerkin

Photo and Video Content Creator

Matt is a content creator born and raised in Wisconsin, and currently living in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Whether it's photography or videography, his passion lies in creating content that is unique, creative and connects with the end-consumer. Matt has been shooting photography professionally for the past 5 years, including work for lifestyle, brand campaigns, product and other types of shoots. When he’s not creating content for clients, he loves to be playing basketball or out and about enjoying everything Southern California has to offer.

Developer Team

Our developer team, consisting of more than 20 highly-educated software engineers with a wide variety of skills and specialties, is based out of our office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The team works directly with and at the direction of our executive team and project leads to complete all technical work efficiently and according to client requirements. With their location across the world and business hours opposite of ours in the United States, we are able to maximize the use of both work days, and mitigate turnaround time on projects. Communication between our Southern California and Dhaka offices has been streamlined using digital communication channels like Slack, Jira, and Zoom.